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Reaching the World

with the Word

Jesus Christ Evangelist Team

2024 missions trip schedule

JCET has multiple trips for 2024. Please keep us in prayer as we minister the Gospel around the world!

the mission

J.C.E.T. Ministries is an international evangelistic and missionary ministry committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The primary focus of the ministry is to train and develop pastors and lay leaders to become more effective in reaching their communities with the Gospel.

organizations we support

We support a number of different projects around the world.



yielded vessels

Leader: Rufus & Deedee Whynot

Cluj-Napoca, Romania



christ is the answer team

Leader: Paul Schaffer

Tuscany, Italy



open door christian orphanage

Leaders: Pastors Pio & Nenette Occeno

San Pablo City, Philippines

jcet in action

J.C.E.T. has been spreading the Gospel all over the world since 1984. JCET has been making a difference around through its leadership seminars and conferences. We have trained indigenous workers in The Philippines, Indonesia, India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Togo.

Our team has preached the gospel in churches in Russia, Romania, Holland, France, Italy, England, Spain, Peru, and many other countries.

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